Must do in Porto Montenegro (Tivat) - The Luxury Superyacht Marina

The city of Tivat

Just over 20 minutes from Kotor, the city of Tivat takes us from the past to the future. There is no historic center here, like in Kotor or Budva. However, it has an international airport and is home to the luxurious Porto Montenegro, one of the biggest attractions in the country.

Tivat is the youngest city in the Boka Bay region, and lies partly on the bay, bordering Kotor, and partly on the Adriatic Sea, bordering Budva. The city has Montenegro’s second airport (the first is in the capital Podgorica).

Porto Monetenegro

Tourism in Tivat revolves around the modern and elegant Port of Montenegro, listed among the top 15 elite super yacht marinas worldwide. In addition to having 450 berths and being able to accommodate the world’s largest mega yachts of up to 250 meters, the region also has a structure composed of designer stores, restaurants, ice cream parlors, among other establishments.

The excellent structure of this platinum marina attracts billionaire visitors with its super yachts and makes Montenegro consolidate as a luxury destination in Eastern Europe.

Things to do in Tivat and Porto Montenegro

Yacht Club Porto Montenegro

The Porto Montenegro Yacht Club complex combines a terrace with an outdoor pool and restaurant, rooftop restaurant and bar, urban beach and nightclub.

The 64-metre swim survey provides an overview of the marina and Boka Bay, and is the main attraction during the day for non-Yacht Club members. Pool facilities include sunbeds, showers, changing rooms, a bar and a restaurant.

Admission costs between 30 and 40 euros per person, plus service, and includes a towel, water and a small plate of fruits. The facilities are open during the season from 10am to 7pm.

Maritime Heritage Museum

Launched in the summer of 2011, the Maritime Heritage Museum is housed in a beautifully restored building and displays over 300 artifacts to maintain the legacy of the ancient arsenal’s prestigious naval history. Artifacts from the former Yugoslav naval base are displayed on two levels of a restored Austro-Hungarian sawmill, silently telling the story of the Adriatic’s maritime heritage.

Two submarines of this collection is in the open air, the largest being the P-821 Heroj (Hero in Serbian), built in the city of Split (today Croatia) which became part of the Yugoslavian Navy in 1968.

Palace of Buca

Buca Palace was built in 1548 to be a summer residence for the Buca family. The space was revitalized and today the site houses an Art Gallery. The place is open daily from 8 am to 12 pm and from 6 pm to 11 pm, and admission is free.

Walking on the Boardwalk

Montenegro’s large harbor promenade is the ideal place for a sunset stroll. Strolling on the pier looking at the yachts, checking out the luxury shops (and maybe doing some shopping) and watching the sunset over the sea is the ideal program to do in Porto Montenegro.

Eat out

To end the tour in style, there’s nothing better than choosing one of the restaurants or cafes facing the pier for dinner. There are options for all tastes, Mediterranean, Asian, Italian, although prices are a little higher than in the rest of Montenegro, the value is fair considering the location and quality of the food. We chose The One with Mediterranean cuisine, and it was an excellent choice. 

After we stopped at Moritz Eis to close the night with a delicious ice cream.

How to get to Porto Monetegro

Tivat Airport

The best way to get to Port Montenegro is by yacht, but if you’re not already in this category of super millionaires and billionaires there are two airports in Montenegro and one of them, Tivat Airport (TIV), is just 4 kilometers from the port. The second airport, from the capital Podgorica (TGD), is 90 km away. It is important to note that the drive from Podgorica to the coast of Montenegro is bumpy and can be difficult.

Herceg Novi Ferry

For those coming from Croatia or Herceg Novi, be aware that the cities of Tivat and Herceg Novi are located opposite each other, less than 1 km away, but separated by the bay. Thus, a ferry system with a crossing of approximately 15 minutes was developed. This is the fastest way from Herceg Novi to Porto Montenegro.

Car or bus

The other option for those comming from Croatia or Herceg Novi is traveling the entire bay by car or bus, the distance is 40 km and it takes about 1 hour. Unless you hate driving, I recommend driving around the bay, the views are beautiful and worth it.

Porto Montenegro Location : Obala bb, Tivat 85320, Montenegro



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