Unlocking the Convenience of Car Sharing in Cyprus: Larnaca, Limassol, and Paphos Explained

Larnaca residents and tourists have now a new, convenient way to get around town! RideNow is the first car-sharing company in Cyprus and since April 14, 2022 it also operates in Larnaca.

Now you can start or finish your rental in Larnaca, Paphos, Limassol and the airports (Laranaca and Paphos).

Where can I drive the sharing car?

You can drive anywhere in Cyprus, except for the occupied (Northern) part.

The service came to help residents and tourists move more freely around the island, gaining mobility and saving money. Especially when you only need the car for a few hours or days, and renting a car from a normal rental company is not possible or feasible.

Can I leave the car in a different city than where I started?

Yes, car sharing gives you the possibility to start your journey in one city and finish it in another.

For example, I live in Laranaca and I’m meeting friends in Paphos, I can take the car in Larnaca, go to my friend’s house and finish the ride there, not having to pay anything while I’m there.

I can also go from Limassol to take a flight at Paphos airport and leave the car at the airport.

When can car-sharing be interesting?

I feel like visiting the beach

I bought a lot of groceries

I have an important meeting

I feel like shopping

I missed my bus

I want to visit some friends or family

I have a flight to catch from Paphos or Larnaca airport.

Prices for renting a shared car

The cost of a trip mainly consists of time and kilometers. The price depends on how far you are going to drive. Being about €2.5 per hour + €0.24/km with fuel included.

Do I need internet connection to use the cars?

Yes, your smartphone must be connected when you rent it and unlock/lock doors remotely with the their app.

Which car Sharring opperates now in Cyprus?


Ride Now is the first car sharing company in Cyprus and the best/only option for Larnaca or Limassol. They have a large fleet and it is easy to find a car available in the centers of Laranaca, Limassol and Paphos.

Download the RideNow app and upload your ID and driver’s license. They usually verify your documents within 24 hours (mine took less than 10 minutes).

Promo Code for RideNow

Register in the app by using the promo code PWJAM0 or by clicking on this link: http://onelink.to/ridenow and get 3 bonuses!

ToGO Rent

To Go also offers a great service, but unfortulatelly they are only available for starting and finishing in Paphos city and airport at the moment. If you are located in these ares it can be a good choice for you.

To sign up, you need to download the toGO app to your smart iOS or Android telephones, enter the requested personal data and a valid telephone number to verify your signing up.

The final step is to link a payment card to your toGO account. That’s it.

For more information access: https://www.togorent.com/

Now you can use a car sharing service.



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