Eastern Charms of Jericoacoara: Exploring the Must-Visit Attractions of the East Tour

Beaches, lagoons, nature, restaurants and bars, meet all the sights of the East Coast of Jericoacoara. Walk the trails of the National Park of Jericoacoara, enjoy the Paradise Lagoon and the Blue Lagoon and pass through the Blue Hole. Today I’m going to show a list of things to do on this amazing day tour.

You can take the tour by buggy or 4x4. Pickup and return times are scheduled directly with your guide and usually start around 9:00 am and you return around 5:00 pm.

Pedra Furada

Due to the isolation of the rock, no means of transportation go to it. So, the guides will drop you off at a point nearby, and from there you have to walk for about 20 minutes to get there, so I advise you to walk from the village. This way you can leave more time for the other attractions on the east side (which are many and wonderful).

See more at the post: What to do at Jericoacoara Village.

Lazy Tree

For me it is one of those sights placed on the tour just to make volume, the tree is really beautiful, a result of the very strong winds that beat in the region. But most of the time there is a huge line to take pictures. We preferred just to stop and observe the beauty of the tree and continue the tour.

Árvore da Preguiça (Lazy Tree)

Preá Beach

Preá Beach and Village is a small community in the municipality of Cruz, in Ceará. Preá Beach is known for being one of the longest beaches of the coast of the state. Besides the natural beauty of the National Park of Jericoacoara, its tourist potential lies in the best winds in the world for the practice of Kite-surf and Windsurf sports.

Praia do Preá (Prea Beach)

Blue Hole

The Blue Hole (Buraco Azul) is a lake with turquoise water that was formed because of the heavy rains that occurred in 2019 in Ceará. The lake is perfect for swimming and has become a new stopping point on Jeri’s tours. You have to pay to get in (we paid 10 reais per person in 2021), but in my opinion it is worth it, this was a pleasant surprise in our tour. The water is warm, the place is beautiful and so is the structure of the place. We had some cocktails and ice cold coconut water, everything was delicious.

Buraco Azul (Blue Hole)

Blue Lagoon

The well-known Blue Lagoon and its neighbour, Paradise Lagoon, are actually parts of the same lagoon: the Lagoa de Jijoca. The Blue Lagoon has little structure and a more rustic style with a few simple restaurants.

Paradise Lagoon

The other part of the Jijoca Lagoon is the main postcard of Jeri and the last stop on the East tour. This is where you will enjoy the rest of your afternoon relaxing in the famous hammocks in the water. The place lives up to its name: literally a PARADISE. There are several restaurants side by side offering a “beach” structure with tents, chairs, loungers and bar service on the sand. We decided to go to The Alchymist Beach Club, the most famous and complete club at the paradise lagoon, but also the most expensive. There you can find everything for an amazing afternoon, restaurant, bar, hammocks in the water, stand-ip paddle rentals, bathrooms and shower. It is the perfect place to finish the tour and enjoy with your friends and family.

The Alchymist Beach Club

The Alchymist Beach Club

What to bring:

  • Sunscreen;
  • Take at least one bottle of water on the tours, the heat can punish;
  • Light clothing and swimming clothes;
  • Hats or Caps because the sun hits hard on the skull;
  • Sunglasses;
  • Camera.



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