Unveiling the Top 6 Must-Visit Attractions in Ayia Napa, Cyprus

There’s no place like Ayia Napa. This dreamlike destination located on the south east part of Cyprus is not just a famous clubbing town, but also one with exotic turquoise waters and white sand beaches that will leave you feeling relaxed after your trip!

The combination of turquoise waters, sand beaches, clubs, resorts and great restaurants makes Ayia Napa more than just a beautiful nightlife destination; it’s also the perfect place to take your family on vacation.

Ayia Napa is home to my favorite beaches in Cyprus, just a half hour drive from Larnaca (where I live), it’s the perfect day trip. If you are coming on holiday to Cyprus, I highly recommend spending a few days in Ayia Napa to enjoy all it has to offer.

Here is my top 5 things to do in Ayia Napa:

1 - Ayia Napa Marina

The new luxury marina in Cyprus has just been inaugurated and it’s incredible! I would say the best spot in Cyprus for those who loves boats. There are luxurious homes, yachting facilities, and a variety of restaurants to choose from. You’re sure not going be disappointed when visiting.

2 - Nissi Beach

Nissi Beach is without question an inredible beautiful beach, its crystal clear water and white sand it would be more than enough, but it also offers all kinds of water sports, bars, restaurants, DJs and parties the hole day, the paradise for those looking for loud music and fun. This fun combination cames with the problem that during the high season the beach is usually very crowd,m so you need to arrive early to garantee your spot.

3 - Landa Beach

Landa is an amazing option for those looking for something less chaotic than Nissi, but still with great music, food and drink options. You can practice water sports and rent sun loungers on the beach or in the restaurants. The Landa Beach structure is complete offering restrooms, changing rooms and showers. Making it the perfect place to spend your day.

4 - Sculpture Park

The sculpture park is a free outdoor exhibition with hundreds of sculptures representing history, art and mythology. Lose yourself among the sculptures and discover new beauties at every step. My advice is to visit the park early in the morning or later in the day, when temperatures are cooler.

5 - Love Bridge

The Love Bridge is a natural 6 meter arch formation located below Sculpture Park so it’s easy to find and explore. It makes an amazing spot for pictures specially before sunset.

6. WaterWorld Waterpark

Not only of beaches and natural beauty lives Ayia Napa, this water park adds even more fun to your trip. The Waterworld is largest water theme park in Europe, with more than 30 water slides and attractions for all ages, it also offers restaurants and snack bars so you can enjoy the whole day relaxed.

Best time to visit

A great time to visit Ayia Napa is May, June, September and October. During these months, you’ll find better rates with great weather! July and August are high season, and holidays for locals too, so expect busy beaches and restaurants/bars. In August temperatures easily reach 36 degrees during the day, I advise you to come to Cyprus in August only if you really love the hot weather.

From November to April most restaurants and bars are closed in Ayia Napa, my suggestion if you are coming to Cyprus during these months is to visit other cities, in particular Troodos. Here I give the best tips on what to do in Cyprus during winter (link in the other article)

General Information of Ayia Napa, Cyprus:

  • Currency: Euro;
  • Climate: Mediterranean;
  • Location: eastern Mediterranean Sea;
  • Time zone: UTC +2 (UTC +3 in daylight savings time);
  • Official Languages: Greek and Turkish, but English is widely used;
  • Socket Plug: G Type (same as in UK);
  • Road Direction: left-hand.

Important: Tap water is not drinkable.



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